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This feature allows a targeted ad insertion that is highly effective and interactive. The IPTV providers can target  the ad based on customer groups, their geographical locality and the time when lots of the users are watching the same video program. The main identification is the MAC address of each set-top box.

ANTIK Technology

Gain a full control over the movement and the selection of options by using the arrows and the OK button or by pressing the colored buttons (yellow, red, green, blue). Various options of interaction, e.g. the end user can choose from 3 simple buttons: close, later, and more. If the More button is selceted, a new window containing information, images and order button appears. This is a new form of advertising that benefits the Telco Operators.

The easily controlable XML editor brings a wide scale of possibilities to customize your ad or an announcement to fit a particular end user group. The admin can edit various settings like the font size and type, the bold, the layout, images, buttons etc. In this editor the admin also configures what happens after an order is made or a choice is confrimed, e.g. an automatic change, a confirmation email or a phone call.

The admin can set up a time plan of all the campaigns and also their repetition in scheduled times.

The targeted and interactive IPTV advertising system gives the IPTV operators the ability to insert ads into TV programs that are aimed at particular communities of interest or even specific households.

Statistics result is available after each campaign. There the admin sees the success of the campaign, the reached KPIs, and other analytical data.

This feature runs on a simple web server for storing the campaign information files and custom scripts to analyze the received data. The processed requirements from end customer, e.g. buy TV package, food, product, questionnaire, ranking, etc. are saved in the XML file.Only low HW requirements are needed for this server. They depend on the quantity of the set-top boxes.

ANTIK Technology