Encoder EN-8000 4/8-Way Integrated Encoder

Antik EN-8000 Encoder

4/8-way Integrated Encoder

ANTIK Technology

EN-8000 consists of two 4-way (total 8) H.264/MPEG-2 encoder modules, TS reMultiplexer. Al encoders are real time and independent operated. Each encoder accepts one stereo program through its HDMI (HD or SD) input, or CVBS (SD) Input. These programs encoded are muliplexed onto one Transport Stream (TS). The essential PSI/SI tables of the TS, including LCN (Logical Channel Number), are generated automatically and are editable by user. This TS stream is also available through the TS/IP port on the front panel with 3 modes: Full Duplex, 128 IPTV & 32 IPTV with 2 RJ-45 port. En-8000 is accommodated in a standard 1U x 19º rack mountable chassis.


  • Compliant with H.264/AVC HP@L4.0 & MPEG-2 MP@ML
  • Support MPTS & SPTS, Re-multiplexed integrated
  • Total bitrate up to 400 Mb/s at 128 IPTV Mode
  • Total bitrate up to 200 Mb/s at 32 IPTV Mode with both RJ-45 port
  • Total bitrate up to 80 Mb/s at Full Duplex Mode
  • HD/SD Video Resolution: 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480i
  • MPEG1-L2, MPEG-2/4 AAC-LC/HE-AAC Audio Encode
  • Remote control/monitoring with SNMP and HTTP/Web interface
  • Two Redundant Power Supplies

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