Load Balancer

It is a managing CDN server cluster that checks in periodical intervals and their status and forwards clients to each server depending on a required service. In case of a failure of a CDN server, the Load Balancer will redirect the end customers to a working CDN server. It allows an authentication of the end customer devices and manages the access to the content and services. It contains statistical functions for the analysis utilization rate and the recording data about the watched content for the billing purposes and for the audience measurement. It also contains the monitoring interface for the CDN server cluster surveillance.

 ANTIK Technology



  • Regularly checking status of CDN servers
  • Active failover protection in case of HW failure
  • Advanced login features allowing connectivity with billing system
  • Managing CDN server cluster
  • Client authentication and authorization with advanced per session generated passwords.
  • Bit-rate reduction of multiple streams, 40Mbps to
  • 64Kbps Resolution reduction, HDTV to HDTV, SDTV,
  • CIF, or QCIF 2x to 12x depending on format conversion

Recommended configuration:

  • Quad Core Xeon processor
  • 8GB RAM
  • 1Gbit/s ETH
  • Operating System Ubuntu Server 12.04 64bit