Stream keeper

Stream Keeper


Multicast Parallel testing for maximum speed. With default settings, StreamGuard can test 10 channels simultaneously in 3 seconds. That means 200 channels in one minute. Specified number of retries while channel is marked as offline/warning can minimize small network-related problems. Self-monitored Ajax Web-based client application allows to remotely monitor one StreamGuard probe from many locations, or monitor more StreamGuard probes in one or more locations. Web application contain indicators of browser-server connection and server process status. Channel status history tracks all status changes for downtime analysis. Sound alarm to indicate any stream downtime. Automatic channel import/synchronization from your channel database using standard XML format.

NEW: Buffer underflow and TS discontinuity detection., unicast UDP, RTP, HTTP, MMS and many more types of stream.

  • High-speed paralel stream testing
  • Advanced web-based ajax monitoring application
  • Stream status history and error statistics
  • Sound alarm
  • XML stream database synchronization


SERVER – Web Client Architecture

User Interface Scheme

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