Antik Samsung TV App Hospitality Solution

All Guest Services on TV screen

Antik Samsung TV App brings all your hospitality offers on your guests TV Screen. 24/7 available, easy understadable multilanguage interface increases the change to sell your food service, relaxation, sightseeing and business guest products. All easy to setup and modify without any need of complicated coding or development.


  • Orders
  • Mass messages
  • Reception services
  • After stay promotio
  • Language selection
  • Staff efficiency


All your room-service offer is now available via mobile app. All guest must do is to select food option and confirm by OK button. All guest request appear on reception dashboard or in your hotel system instantly.

Mass messages

Immediate response to all requests of your guests to make sure they are comfortable, without appearing invasive and compromising their enjoyment of their stay is a must. Your guests will not need STB to TV anymore, they will manage everything in a single application in their hand.

  • Receiving messages and personalized messages from ANTIK backend
  • Message contains subject and content made up of text and images (PNG, JPG, PDF)
  • Video can be also attached
  • Message can be permanently deleted from the inbox
  • Inbox contains a list of received messages, sorted from newest to oldest, where the day of the sent message is also displayed
  • The number of unread message is displayed and is also graphically distinguished

My bill

Thanks to integration with your hotel PMS, all guest orders ordered through IPTV or other hotel departments will appear on one simple table for guest to review before check-out.



Becoming one of the most popular entertainment platforms. More entertainment for your guests in simple and easy to navigate user interface with complete movie selection as well as other video content become available and easy to find according to name or category.


Channel list for LIVE TV

  • List of channels with assigned number
  • Program selection - Broadcast title, timeline, description and following show of the channel are displayed on the right side of the screen

Filters for channels

  • Language
  • Genre
  • Favorites
  • Searched item

Volume control

  • Higher
  • Lower
  • On and Off

Archive Dashboard

Using video metadata helps the enduser to navigate via archived content, too. Besides the standard access to archive using original timing of the show, ANTIK Samsung APP automatically pairs metadata including genres/categories and top watched content to archived content and offers it in the way typical previously for VOD content only.

Archive - Genre Selection

  • Genre selection filters archived titles
  • Detail of the selected item is displayed again after clicking on it
  • Gallery contains relevant images for the selected item

Archive Player

·      The lower part of the player contains

-          Loop playback

-          Shuffle clips

-          Fullscreen

-          Going back in 1 minute

-          Stop

-          Resume

-          Moving 1 minute forward

-          Using subtitles if available

·         Displayed besides that

-          Preview photo

-          Title

-          Year, genre, production

-          Current playtime

Keyboard (for searching in archive)


Weather Forecast

  •      Weather API OpenWeather is used for implementation of neccesary information
  •          Because of GPS coordinates  a request is sent to obtain necessary data
  •          Current location, weather forecast for the actual day and 4 days after, intensity of wind, THW index, humidity, visibility, UV index and bar are shown