HSIA (High Speed Internet Access)

High Speed Internet Access for Hotels

Technologies to make accessing the internet more convenient and easy for everyone

ANTIK TechnologyHigh speed non-stop internet being one of the most critical for hotel guests these days requires special attention of hotel management. To assure high quality of internet  service it is a must for a hotel to build on secured and reliable network equipment, professional software and full operation support already implemented in hotels all over the world. Let us introduce the complete solution including everything from equipment to front office interface. All in one Hospitality IPTV package.

Take advantage of Antik End-to-End Hospitality IPTV System and upgrade your hotel, hospital, appartment complex or cruise ship.

Entertainment, x-sell opportunities and guest services for hospitality business include crystal clear HD TV channels reception, fully customizable guest services user interface on your screen including food order, modern on-demand movies, TV archive, internet services access as well as guest mediaplayer, local touristic information service and many more. Intuitive reception interface for guest requests management, quick setup in hotel of any size for standalone operation or full integration with property management systems is a must to try combined with Antik HSIA solution.


  • intelligent bandwidth management
  • configuration to allow single internet connection from guest`s check-in to his check-out
  • access to all types of VPNs
  • upgrade from free internet limited speed to paid high speed services
  • integration with Digital Signage solution to push hotel promotions and info
  • customized welcome page design
  • integration with other hotel front office systems and major IPTV solutions
  • built in NOC (Network Operation Center)

No need to employ the third party and outsource the administration of internet access management. With Antik HSIA solution hotel can manage the system on its own from the web interface. That means no more additional expenditure. Moreover, option of choosing distinctive features is there for every property to meet individual requirements.

Other features

Wall Garden Configuration

* self customization of login page (frame login + hotel website)
* possibility to set multiple zones and their authentification type

ANTIK Technology

User Policy

* setting service plan
* creating bandwith limit for all users with the same user ID or each individual user
* keeping or deleting  configuration settings when guest disconnects or checks out


Hotel can easily add, browse, edit, delete user with module configuration and define the level of access and function for each of them.

Service Plan

* assigning code separation for different type of users - different internet services packaging (in room, on demand, batch card, business center, special offer...)
* setting active or inactive option
* auto disconnect, bandwith limit
* special offer plans


* Batch Cards - creating user group and conference packages, setting multiple user login to 1 user ID, setting bandwith or schedule
* Print to Business Center - receiving print orders directly from guests.


HSIA solution enables to manage zones and restrict user settings for respective zones e.g. conference zone, rooms. Setting of different charge policies for each zone is then in hands of hotel management.


* investigating log in problems
* users online status report,  users detail access report
* revenue report
* bandwith statistics report

Network Operation Centre (NOC)

Online status - information about users, connection and bandwidth usage is evaluated through special statistical tool and resulting in preview of real time utilization of multi-core CPUs, LAN Ports, Memory & hard disk.

NOC is accessed locally remotely so directory page enables to manage properties easily. Reports are provided for hotel staff to assist guests.

ANTIK Technology

When fault in device is indicated by red mark system will alert support staff.

ANTIK Technology

A special tool generates statistics of online users and bandwidth usage - average values per hour, day or week.

ANTIK Technology


Basic Connect 200

> Software License for 1 year and Server for max 300 concurrent devices
> Bandwidth < 100 Mbps
> Software maintenance and email support for 1 year
> 24x7 Phone Support & Hardware 1-1 Replacement
> 24x7 Phone Support & Server 1-1 free hardware replacement
for 1 year

Basic Connect 1000

> Software License for 1 Year and Server for up to 1000 concurrent devices
> Bandwidth < 300 Mbps
> Software maintenance and email support for 1 year
> 24x7 Phone Support & Hardware 1-1 Replacement
> 24x7 Phone Support & Server 1-1 free hardware replacement for 1 year – optional

Basic Connect 2000

> Software License for 1 Year and Server for up to 2000 concurrent devices
> Bandwidth < 1Gbps
> Software maintenance and email support for 1 year
> 24x7 Phone Support & Hardware 1-1 Replacement
> 24x7 Phone Support & Server 1-1 free hardware replacement for 1 year – optional


> Business Center Suite
> VLAN Room Port Mapping and Zone Control (required with IPTV and multiple property implementation).  Support Port Based Billing
> Post Paid Billing with Internet Package Selection and Upgrade
> Event and Conference Package Support
> Mobile Devices Login Screen and Special Mobile Policies Support
> Public IP Address Distribution Options for Universal VPN Support


Hardware Equipment

All hardware items are fitted to specific hotel conditions and features are catered to hotel and public network requirements. The solution includes managed switches (l2 + L3, Fiber switches), wireless access points, antennas, bandwidth bonding appliances as well as uninterrupted power supply. All cost effective, reliable and proven by many clients all over the world.

After sales support includes active online consultation, 24x7 monitoring alert, guest helpdesk and call centre services.

Recommendations for server specification vary with size and type of place as well as number of guests or users.

ANTIK Technology

ANTIK TechnologyANTIK Technology